Cows grazing in paddock

Our mission is to meet the challenge of climate change and provide good stewardship of our natural resources.

Good environmental management is just 'good management'.

Dairy farmers are environmental caretakers. They’re committed to managing land and water responsibly, reducing greenhouse gases and protecting Australia’s natural resources for future generations.

With climate change comes increasing heatwaves, storms and drought which will affect animal welfare and milk production, as well as limit pasture growth. On top of that, competition for natural resources is growing worldwide, while a drying climate is likely to place increasing pressure on already stressed water resources.

With this, comes the combined challenge of providing sufficient milk to meet global market demands, the opportunity to adapt our practices to climate change, as well as further reduce waste and improve productivity.

As a result, many environmental initiatives are happening on dairy farms and in dairy processing facilities right now.

A significant, long-term response to the impacts of climate change is required. As part of this response we'll mitigate our own greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water intensity in manufacturing and on farms.

To ensure we tackle the challenges head on, we have identified four key goals to achieve by 2030:

In order to meet these goals, here are some examples of what we're implementing:

Irrigation — On-farm we’re working with farmers on smarter irrigation practices and developing a simple online water budget and water risk management tool.

Emissions — Developed as part of the Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future program, the Dairy Climate Toolkit enables quick evaluation of the impacts of different greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

Food recovery Tackling the emerging issue of food waste, the dairyindustry is now a major player in food recovery and donation to charities like Foodbank. Ways to reduce food waste are also being investigated.

Innovation — The Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council’s (DMSC) regular expert forums are invaluable to share the latest technologies and products to reduce energy, water use and waste.

For more information on how the industry is working towards more sustainable practices, view the latest Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Report.