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About You Ask We Answer

We all want to know about our food and where it comes from, that’s why we’re talking all dairy matters, to help you learn more about the Australian dairy industry. 

You Ask We Answer is your chance to do just that, hearing directly from real experts from scientists, nutritionists, environmentalists and farmers.

How does You Ask We Answer work?

If you have a question about dairy, chances are someone else has the same one too. We’ve already posted on our You Ask We Answer website some common questions and answers that we’ve had from the public over the years.

If your question hasn’t been answered, use our website to ask us about Australian dairy. You'll need to provide your first name, email address and state so that we can respond; we can only get back to you if you’re in Australia.

When and how will I receive a response?

A short time after asking your question, you should receive notification through email that your question has been received. If your question meets our Terms of Use, our expert team will start working on your answer. We’ll endeavour to respond within two to three business days, however depending on the question we might need to seek further industry expertise and may take longer.

If a similar question has been answered on the website we will link you to that response. If your question hasn’t been answered, we will post your question and answer on our website. We'll send you an email once it’s posted.

If your question does not meet our Terms of Use then we will not proceed with answering your question.

Who answers my questions?

We are committed to drawing on the latest science and the knowledge and experience of industry and independent experts including dairy farmers, vets, nutrition scientists, environmentalists and some of the team at Dairy Australia to answer your questions.

To manage all this, we have a small team that's dedicated to receiving questions and searching out answers from the appropriate sources.

Why haven’t I received a response?

If you have submitted a question and have not received a response, here are some possible reasons:

  • We are still working on it, as per our automated response. If you did not receive an automated response please resubmit your question
  • An invalid email was provided and we are unable to notify you, please resubmit your question
  • Your question did not meet our ‘Terms of Use’

Why was my question reworded?

Sometimes questions may be edited to assist readability once they’re posted on the website, for example by correcting spelling or grammatical errors before publishing. Some questions may also be edited to ensure appropriateness of language.